What is the EPC and How to Be Able to Get It?

What happens when you have ordered your EPC?

When you have ordered and paid for the EPC register the energy assessing usually communicates with you within 24 hours. They send their energy assessors who are based locally and would have expert knowledge on the local property types. They usually arrange a time which is convenient for you for them to perform the assessment.

In some cases when you are not there are home your tenants can provide them with the keys and they will carry out the assessment. When the EPC survey is finished then the surveyor would have calculated your rating. You will receive a notification about your EPC which is ready. Clients can also log into the system and download the Energy Performance Certificate for distribution to tenants or buyers.

EPC Certificate

You can also make appointments through your tenants and have the keys collected from your real estate agents for no extra cost. The certificates are an increasingly important part of the renting and selling for prospective buyers and tenants. They make comparisons of how energy efficient the property will be for them.

Few of the benefits of making use of a reliable firm include Secure Payments, Payment Cards, Track an Order, Email, Postcode, and Verification Code. You need to make sure that the firm you select for your certification can provide you with fully insured on the EPC Exemption certificates. They should also be able for advice you whether the property is of exempt from feed in tariff.

You will want to beware of the fact that the postal copies are available on request and come with a £5 admin charge. Some of the services which are offered for CERO & CSCO, HHCRO, and all the supporting documentation includes Assessment Checklists, Pre & Post EPCs, Site Photos Qualification Form, Data Sheets, xml, Privacy Statements, Site Photos, Virgin Loft Declarations,.

Data requirements for the Government funded schemes are also be provided.