My annual free credit report protects me and shows my worth

A credit report provides lenders and others about the payments made in the past and that would be made in future. It helps the person know about his account standing in addition to whether he is eligible for the help he seeks from lenders or banks.  This would provide you new credit.

What is included in free credit report annual?

One can get his credit report from www.annualcreditreport.comthe authorized website by the us government to provide you with the necessary information about your credit score. There are three companies who have the authority to make such reports Equifax, Experian and Transunion. These reports contain:


Free Credit Report Annual


  • Personal information: your name, address (both past and current), social security number as well as employer information.
  • Accounts: this section contains account status, contact information, credit limits, recent payments, and individual or joint responsibility.
  • Payment information: payment information on all accounts every month.
  • Public records: this information consists of the client’s bankruptcy records, tax linens and civil judgment.
  • Debts: debts taken on the whole thing the account mortgages, auto loans etc.
  • Hard inquiry: whenever a client requests for a credit the companies puts on a “hard enquiry” to know about the customer’s background and so.
  • Negative information: includes late payments, collection, voluntary surrender, charge offs as well as other derogatory items.

In what manner to protect your identity?

After creating an account in www.annualcreditreport.comeither of the three previously mentioned companies would have the record. If you notice that someone has misused your identity for financial gains. You can report it to any of the three companies with a fraud alert. Before you need to prove your identity.

The fraud alert is completely free. After issuing fraud alert the criminal won’t be able to get financial aid on your name as it would ask for proper identification proof.