Clash Royale Hack: Units and Spells all over battlefield

How to hack clash royale for always win:

  1. Never waste elixir:

An important point is that one should never waste elixir. The elixir bar is always filling but it will cease to do so once it reaches ten. On reaching ten the elixir bar will not load anymore elixir and therefore it sis important to ensure that the elixir bar is always loading to have an advantage over the opponent.


Clash Royale Hack


  1. Never throw a bunch of cards at once:

An important clash royale hack is that one should never throw a bunch of cards at once as this will make easier for the enemy to counter one’s move by using some elixir. Also while starting the game one should not deploy cards without loading on elixir.

  1. Start with a low elixir card:

The main objective is to win the elixir race and therefore starting with a low elixir card is a good idea. This will place one in a better position as compared to the opponent as one can counter the moves of the opponent by using a lower elixir card simultaneously keeping the bar loading.

  1. Focus on one tower at a time:

One should focus on destroying only one of the opponent’s arena towers at a time. Instead of switching between towers one should focus on destroying only one arena tower at a time. Which arena tower will be destroyed first should be decided by the potential of the two arena towers. Also, one should play defence if one is in the lead to let the clock run out.

Also one should avoid destroying the king’s tower. This is because the king’s tower is significantly of a higher potential as compared to the arena towers. Thus destroying the king’s tower will entail a lot of effort. This will cost a lot of time and since the game is only of three minutes one can end up losing.

Moreover, at the time the game begins the king is in a sleep mode. He wakes up if one of the arena towers is destroyed or if his tower is attacked and as soon as he wakes up he starts firing. If one attacks the king’s tower in the beginning one will face difficulty while defending one’s tower.