All about turntables and their components

If you take a look at the music industry, probably the turntable is the one technology that has really lasted long and is still quite popular. Ever since it came into existence, several technologies have come and tried to replace it say the cassette tape, the 8 track, the CD and even the MP3. However, there are still some faithful followers who would say that the sound that a turntable gives out is more rich and fuller than any other music. If you would like to get into more details you should try and have a look at

Before you go and buy yourself a new one, you should know at least a little about its basics and its components. Of course, you could visit here for more information; and we have given you a brief list of components about which you should educate yourself –

Best turn tables

Plinth or the Base – This is the foundation which gives support to the rest. It can be made from metal, plastic or wood.

The platterThis is the rotating part on which the record spins or rests. The heavier it is the better as there would be lesser vibration. The platter speed needs to be matched to the record cut.

The TonearmThis is the arm that comes over the record and lets the needle make contact with the spinning vinyl. The cueing device is also an important part which lowers or lifts this arm. This could be automatic or manual depending on preference.

The stylus or CartridgeIt is the cartridge that is house to the stylus and one needs to get a very good cartridge. It might need replacement if you are looking for any upgrades.

The site that we have given above, you can click here for more information and then make an informed decision before you make your purchase.

Understanding Entertainment

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The True Meaning of Entertainment

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The Honest to Goodness Truth on Entertainment

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